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LessonUp allows you to create, share and teach amazing lessons using video, images, websites, slides and interactive quizzes that students answer on their smartphone.

LessonUp aligns perfectly with each chapter of your textbook and makes sure that you have your choice of enrichment on hand at all times.

Smarter and easier

LessonUp is designed for everyday use. That's why you won't find any complicated menus in our app, but you will find useful buttons in thoughtfully chosen locations.

That includes when presenting on your IWB. So no more walking over to the PC to open the next slide or video!

All your lessons

All your lessons

LessonUp stores all of your lessons safely online so you can prepare them at home and use them in class.

If you use Powerpoint you can import your presentations and use any slide whenever you want. Then just make subsequent slides in LessonUp.

So go ahead, throw away that USB stick!

Smart time saver

Every day, teachers go online to look for the same thing: the best and most inspiring materials that spark motivation.

With LessonUp you get to see what thousands of other teachers use with the chapter you're currently working through. All neatly organized and filtered down to the topic and level at hand. This saves prep time that's better spent supporting your students.

Or enjoying more of your hard-earned Sundays.


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