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LessonUp is an award-winning online platform that makes it easy for teachers to create varied interactive lessons using video, images, interactive questions and quizzes. Let students join with their own device and differentiate to their personal needs.

What are the possibilities with LessonUp?

With LessonUp you create or arrange your own digital interactive school material. You can use these right away in the classroom on your central screen or interactive whiteboard. There are multiple options to arrange and create your own lessons. You can use slides, movie clips, quizzes, open questions, mind maps and many more.

Self-directed learning activities

For your students LessonUp is a highly motivating tool for in the classroom. You can engage your students actively during class, with the use of their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. Play an online quiz or let them answer open questions and discuss the results immediately on the central screen or interactive whiteboard.


With Lesson Up you can easily assign different parts of your lesson to your students. You can choose for every single one of them which part of the content they will get to work with. LessonUp helps you to select and assign the learning material on the right level for every student.

Reports on your classes

With LessonUp you can create your own school classes and share your lessons with your students. They can work on every assignment independently. LessonUp provides all kinds of reports for you; therefore you can see the progress of every single student in one easy overview.

How to find learning materials?

In LessonUp you can draw inspiration and use materials from thousands of other teachers. You can search directly for all types of learning materials such as movie clips, pictures, slides and quizzes. However there are a wide variety of materials and subjects that your colleagues are using in their classrooms. Which of course you can also use in your lesson.

Cooperate with fellow teachers

It is very easy to cooperate with your colleagues at your school. Together you receive a shared lesson folder and your own school page. On this school page you can easily find all the lessons that are created within your school. As a school you and your fellow teachers will create a page full of up to date and easily accessible learning materials.

Students work with your content

LessonUp isn’t only designed for teachers, every student gets access to there own LessonUp account. With LessonUp for students it is possible to participate directly with all the interactive questions in the classroom or they can work independent at home or at school.

It is a super easy system to use. I’m glad that I can work with LessonUp, it is a true asset to my lessons!

Dorien, Biology teacher

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